Thursday, November 17, 2005

Up and running

Maybe this should be a once a week thing a la little birds (a source of real awe and inspiration). And to be able to go on about my kids, and my creativity is all I could wish for! It is hard when there is so much out there. I so enjoy the craftiness, and mothering anecdotes of soulemama, loobylu, and others. And the beautiful work of bird in the hand (what a family!), Camilla Engman and (fellow Canuck displaced to sunny So-Cal) Keri Smith. I could go on and on.

I will find my way.

I did just pick up some new yummy yarn - chosen by my four-year old daughter with aspirations of becoming a poncho (the yarn not my daughter). Will see how it goes. And I finally ordered the print gocco I have been going on about for the last year or so. Hoping it will satisfy my print-making dreams for now. Will let you know.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I have been putting this off and putting this off. Wondering if I really want to do this. Wondering why I am interested in doing this. Keeping in touch seems to be a big part of it. Getting me motivated seems another. Perhaps the sense of community attracts me as well. I go through people's blogs looking for their first entry. It always seems so "un-first". No introduction just dive right in. (I guess this preamble is somewhat of an introduction anyway.)

It is the beginning of a new month. So here I go.