Friday, January 31, 2014

weekend to do

around the house
paint e's room
put together e's bed
go sheet shopping
vacuum and dust
tackle pile of ironing that has been neglected

pick up gramma from the airport!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

field trip :: norton simon museum

i joined e's 7th grade class for a visit to the norton simon museum. i forget how lucky we are to have so many world-class museums so close. this trip was a treat. and lots of fun to watch these kids too. my how they've grown in a quick year.

Norton Simon

Norton Simon

Norton Simon

Norton Simon

Norton Simon

Norton Simon

Norton Simon

(e's favorite picture was this one.)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

San Fernando Brewing Co.

SFV Brewing Co.

we had a fantastic time attending a fundraiser for the venture of a good friend. san fernando brewing company should be in production quite soon.

SFV Brewing Co.

FYI their irish red is amazing and the sonora wheat sourced from NoCal.

SFV Brewing Co.

in the meantime, follow them on twitter / Facebook.

Monday, January 27, 2014

master piece

i am dreadfully behind in posting. lots in the queue...

for our bedroom I had a vision of a crisp, clean space that felt bright and airy. but after reading your wallpaper comments, I hesitated, and was pulled in to the idea of a cozy refuge from the rest of the house. I've come around again though, and am back to embracing the nature of our house - large bright open spaces and going with my original plan.


four (this one is no longer available)

d has hardwired two lovely tolomeo wall lights on each side of the bed (bought years ago at an artemide parking lot sale), and we are taking advantage of the dwr bedroom sale to order our new bed. (any advice on mattresses?) the desk, bedding, and chair are already all in place. this lounge chair is on the wish list for the patio off the bedroom.

I think we are close. I'll caveat that though, with the fact that I haven't yet ordered the wallpaper! so here we go...

Friday, January 24, 2014

weekend to do


join in the fun of our newly opened Community School Park*
fundraiser for a fantastic new local brewery

around the house
bake cookies
finish clearing out e's room to be!
electrical in master bedroom
decide: yard sale vs. online sale? (any thoughts?!)

*this is the "soft opening" of our schoolyard opening up as a park on Saturdays! it is a longtime dream of a few neighbors, and we are excited this day has arrived. the road here deserves a post on its own.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


pulling together a collage of images as we finalize our bedroom - and feeling a bit lazy this morning - i did a quick internet search for our dresser only to discover this second-hand store find was indeed a good investment.

image via 1stdibs

d and i purchased this almost 13 years ago - when we first bought the house - at a little shop on abbot kinney, before abbot kinney was hip. it seemed like a huge outlay of money at the time, but the quality of materials, construction and the unique design, sold me. and now seeing it sell for over twenty times what we paid for it, reenforces our decision to put our money into items that will last and to think carefully about what we bring into the house. (and learning more about the man who designed it and the company that made it was fun too!)

in a house full of heirlooms, hand-built items and carefully considered purchases I feel good about where our money goes, and in the knowledge that these items will last for future generations to enjoy.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

closet case

our bedroom closet is the last in the house to be customized by d. as part of our bedroom redo, and moving e to her own room, it moved to the top of the queue. it is almost finished and i couldn't resist sharing this shot. i wish i had a before of the chaos that was. needless to say, i'm not in a huge rush for him to finish and hang the new doors. (the original sliders are worn and limit access. d is replacing them with two sets of beautiful double-hung doors that will allow up both to get to our stuff at the same time.) here's our inspiration. (as much as i love pinterest, i am still a victim of paper and files full of inspiration shots that i've been carrying around for years. its lovely to see that pile dwindle as projects get checked off the list!)

closet case

thanks for the wallpaper input. of course, i thought i knew what i wanted but you've made me reconsider. final decision this weekend! (and in cleaning up around here, found this old post with original choices. glad to see we haven't wavered much!)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

a bigger picture

bay area weekend

with the opportunity to take in david hockney's "a bigger exhibition" at san francisco's de young sunday, we made a quick decision and headed north. of course the opportunity to visit dear friends only made the weekend sweeter.

i love to tell e stories of her visits with hockney. lunch at his house, and an amazing afternoon at his studio. of course she was a wee baby, and remembers none of it. but it is fun to recall none-the-less. he was so friendly and welcoming and excited about what he was doing. that exuberance is so evident in his work. e was drawn to the giant iPad drawings and video, and k went around searching out details in the paintings. it was the charcoal drawings though that had me lingering the longest.

visiting friends like these is, well, always a highlight. it is easy - the way it should be. we are blessed to have them in our lives. no matter where they, or we, roam. these big picture friends mean the world to us.

and we had a day to explore a little piece of golden gate park with them. these family outings are only beginning to get grumbles from the big sister. i hold onto them tightly.

so, the show was fantastic. the company the best. so good to have a little get-away.

(and oh those sf bay sunsets.)

bay area weekend

Friday, January 17, 2014

weekend to do


it is a long one... but we aren't being too ambitious as we are going to include a roadtrip to this. (so excited!)

i do hope to:

sign up for this!

around the house
finish moving books an wall unit out of office (e's new room!)
prune back shrubs

and that's about it!

thanks for the wallpaper feedback. more next week.

happy friday!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

off the wall

as i mentioned, we are looking at wallpaper. it will hang in our master bedroom, where we have lived with this above our bed for the last 12 years.


it is, of course, older than that. and when we bought the house, was hidden behind another layer of even less lovable paper. we actually get a lot of compliments on this floral - and of course it is in keeping with our house and its mcm vibe. i however, am so very done with it. and i look forward to our bedroom remodel as the opportunity to change it up. (more on what's happening in our bedroom - on the decorating front! - soon...)

so here is the short-list. and it has been a long time coming. in the end, we decided we wanted something that kept the spirit of the old paper, but that made the room feel fresh. we also wanted it to match-up with walnut furniture and the quilt we have, and relate to the adjoining bathroom color-scheme. the samples are all from MissPrint out of the UK. (we looked at a lot of options, and i was sorry we couldn't find something more local. lots of great stuff out there - but either the design, or the color way, just weren't quite right.)

garden city :: glacier

dandelion mobile :: french grey and white

dandelion mobile :: porcelain with powder blue

poppy :: thunder

i know which one is my favorite - but am curious, which is yours?

Monday, January 13, 2014

walk this way...

we had a million things to do yesterday. and so, when a friend called to go on a hike, i grabbed the girls, and off we went. i do this often. especially if the opportunity is to get outdoors, and it is still (fairly) early in the day. i'm a firm believer that the fresh air and brisk walk will help clear all our heads and make focusing on our to-do lists on our return that much easier.

the invitation was to, i think, my favorite local hike. at least that we've discovered thus far. and the day was perfect. (i am afraid a little too so for january. and frighteningly dry.) while it was overcast at home, as soon as we rounded the first hill the blue sky appeared.

open space preserve

open space preserve

open space preserve

open space preserve

open space preserve

we returned home. and things were checked off the list.

i was not disappointed in any of it.

happy monday!

Friday, January 10, 2014

weekend to do


breakfast with friends
chauffeur for project study-group
take a hike

around the house
bake cookies
paint interior and install closet shelving
select wallpaper (more on that shortly!)
keep on moving stuff out! (etsy, craigslist, goodwill...)

i'm also taking part in The January Cure over at apartment therapy. i did this last year too - on the down low - and enjoyed it. some seems a little redundant this year - but it is a good exercise, and reminded me how much i benefit from the "outbox" theory, and how much i like having fresh flowers around the house.

that's it for winter break. monday is back to school. the weather is more like spring. and the girls are antsy - but well rested. this break feels like it was just the right amount of time.

happy weekend.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

looking back...

we walked

happy hanukkah
oh hanukkah

and back again

2013 was a year full of growth and challenges. my wish for 2014 is to build on that and take time to revel in our accomplishments a little bit more. as for resolutions, only to be a better listener made the list. i hope this goal can be met in the broadest, and most specific of ways. to listen to myself, and those around me, as well as to the world, and all it has to tell.

happy new year friends.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Monday, January 06, 2014

Sunday, January 05, 2014

looking back...

as has become my tradition, on our return from galiano, i'm going to take the next few days to settle back in to our routine and post remembrances of the year that has just passed (so very quickly!). as always, i wish you a very happy new year - and all the best in the year ahead.

a resolution

a trip to the museum

CIMI '13
an island adventure

Saturday, January 04, 2014

lots of nothing

we really unplugged these last two weeks. so very good.




we played the ukulele. cribbage. and went through a series of suduko puzzles like nobody's business. we walked favorite roads and paths and played outside and got a lot of yard work done. we read by the fire.

i read:
chasing aphrodite (so good in the museum gossip dept. if you have been part of that world - and more specifically the getty part of that world)
the daylight gate (pretty graphic and disturbing at points. but i have a longstanding fascination with dr. dee and alchemy and this fit in nicely. plus winterson's prose never disappoints.)
the paris wife (i loved this book. with my love for hemingway and historical fiction, a friend recommended it to me a while back - and i'm so glad i finally got to it.)
the goldfinch (i had a plan to buy this on island, at my favorite bookshop, only to find out they were sold out. thankfully lindsay gave me her copy to read. i'm only half way through but am having a lot of trouble putting it down. always a good sign. makes me want to reread a secret history.)

you'll have to ask the others about the specifics of their reading lists but...

d read:
the golden spruce
telegraph avenue

e read:
an abundance of katherines
eleanor & park
the probability of miracles
the book thief
after iris

k read:
fortunately, the milk
flora & ulysses
dork diaries: tales from a not-so-graceful ice princess
dork diaries: tales from a not-so-happy heartbreaker
and a stack of betty & veronica double digests

Thursday, January 02, 2014

"our beach"

this is the other constant on our winter beach rotation...

our beach

our beach

a short walk from the cottage. i try to visit every day.