Thursday, January 23, 2014


pulling together a collage of images as we finalize our bedroom - and feeling a bit lazy this morning - i did a quick internet search for our dresser only to discover this second-hand store find was indeed a good investment.

image via 1stdibs

d and i purchased this almost 13 years ago - when we first bought the house - at a little shop on abbot kinney, before abbot kinney was hip. it seemed like a huge outlay of money at the time, but the quality of materials, construction and the unique design, sold me. and now seeing it sell for over twenty times what we paid for it, reenforces our decision to put our money into items that will last and to think carefully about what we bring into the house. (and learning more about the man who designed it and the company that made it was fun too!)

in a house full of heirlooms, hand-built items and carefully considered purchases I feel good about where our money goes, and in the knowledge that these items will last for future generations to enjoy.

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