Friday, January 10, 2014

weekend to do


breakfast with friends
chauffeur for project study-group
take a hike

around the house
bake cookies
paint interior and install closet shelving
select wallpaper (more on that shortly!)
keep on moving stuff out! (etsy, craigslist, goodwill...)

i'm also taking part in The January Cure over at apartment therapy. i did this last year too - on the down low - and enjoyed it. some seems a little redundant this year - but it is a good exercise, and reminded me how much i benefit from the "outbox" theory, and how much i like having fresh flowers around the house.

that's it for winter break. monday is back to school. the weather is more like spring. and the girls are antsy - but well rested. this break feels like it was just the right amount of time.

happy weekend.


rebecca said...

last monday was back to school for us and we were all ready for it.

i'll check out the jan. cure. name sounds good anyway. love the flowers idea. i was thinking of doing a flower swap - well, not really a swap, but a group of us would take turns giving something fresh/decorative to each other every week. we did a weekly soup swap last year that was great for jeff+i, but we usually still had to make dinner for the boys. flowers (or just simply something new) would be perfect to lift the mood on a grey day… and you know we have enough of those in winter. man, that sun in your house looks nice!

this single spark said...

I guess you don't have "sleeping in the sunny spot" on your to-do list because that's just a given! :]

Mary Jo said...

I'm doing the January cure too for the second year too but with a newborn last year it wasn't as successful as I would have liked. This year my kitchen is feeling mighty clean!