Thursday, December 20, 2007

May Your Days Be Merry

paper roll ornament

Wishing you Peace Love and Joy in 2008.

we are scurrying about preparing for our first annual neighbourhood progressive dinner on friday night (we are in charge of the "main course"); a trip to see the los angeles ballet perform the nutcracker on saturday; a belated family hanukah party on sunday (hard to believe i have nieces who are in college! hence the party had to be rescheduled to cooincide with winter break), a traditional mexican christmas eve with friends and neighbours (the two are really the same) on monday; and of course the big day on tuesday (dinner at sam's - can't wait!); then off to "our island" on wednesday (oh i hope the weather cooperates and maybe we can even fit in a pit-stop with these lovelies!).

See you in the New Year!

p.s. just got an email that I received a Lowe's Toolbox Grant for our school - yay!!! yes, 2008 looks to be a good one... xo

Thursday, December 13, 2007

all i want(ed) for christmas

my early christmas gift (the shelf)

an early gift.

guess i will have to think up something else for my stocking, eh santa?..

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

so good my teeth hurt

e is definitely ready for christmas.

wee house

she (alongside 119 other first graders) constructed this at school yesterday. i am amazed the little sister hasn't dug in yet. makes the whole house smell like frosting... mmmmmm

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

checked off the list


lights up

wreath hung

decorations made

and decorations found

presents to give

and to receive

holiday cards designed (this year again by e)

and printed

trees purchased (yes two this year. couldn't help myself)

and decorated

getting there...

(still have to make a few more gifts, address a few more envelopes, and make a trip to the post office!)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Friday, December 07, 2007

oh Hanukah oh Hanukah

come light the menorah

come light the menorah

a favourite holiday of mine that i had never celebrated before meeting d. love the food. (latkes and jelly donuts my personal favourites!) the pacing (candles, dinner,small easy presents, a game or two of dreidel), and the quiet and reflection that eight nights of candlelight brings to my table.

wishing you light, love and peace

Monday, December 03, 2007

it went something like this

"Mama, is it Christmas today?"

"No baby. Christmas Day is on December 25."

"But Mama, why is it Christmas for everyone else now?"

"It's not honey. Everyone celebrates on the 25th. Some people start earlier, on Christmas Eve, but Christmas Day is always the same. All over the world."

"But Mama, Elijah's house has green lights that are all the same green and I know that is is Christmas Day for him now."

"We have lights too honey. Daddy put them up last night, remember? They are all different colours. And we have some of our decorations up. Our little houses. And this weekend we will get our tree and put up more decorations, ok?"

"Oh yeah.... Then it is Christmas for us now too. Thanks Mama. I love you."

"Night night sweetie."