Wednesday, December 12, 2007

so good my teeth hurt

e is definitely ready for christmas.

wee house

she (alongside 119 other first graders) constructed this at school yesterday. i am amazed the little sister hasn't dug in yet. makes the whole house smell like frosting... mmmmmm


chasingbluebirds said...

we are making these on monday at our camp fire meeting/holiday party!!! looks so cute, can't wait! my garage is full of candy and graham crackers.

robiewankenobie said...

i can't believe that i can be distracted from the cute sugary treat, but what is the white curtain over the brick made of? white doves? amazing.

BunkleLife said...

mmmmm graham crackers and frosting! YUM!
As for me, it's marmalade time ;-)

Tracy said...

robie... it is little piece of white clay that are pinched in the middle - a long ago mother's day gift that i believe was meant to be a wind chime but i liked against the brick. (from ikea)

jan - oh how i miss your marmalade! xo