Thursday, July 19, 2007

what i have done on my summer vacation (so far)

1. travelled home.
2. fell in love again.
3. found out that i am not alone in this love. (listen to "brandon")
4. missed a tornado.
5. helped make a tornado.
6. admired our new front door. (oh d i do love it so!)
7. dug in the dirt.
8. began a neighbourhood friday happy hour / playdate group. (mmmm raspberry lemon drops.)
9. started some neighbourhood co-op childcare.
10. realized i am happiest at home with a house full of kids.
11. taken to cooking and eating dinner outside in our swimsuits.
12. slowed down.

to be continued...

what have you been up to?


leslie said...

1. more time at the beach than i have spent in a couple years combined, ahhhhh.
2. made two rounds of seed bombs.
3. made several day trips to the mountains, not worrying about whether it is worth the driving or not (it is worth it)
4. more walking, less driving
5. more play dates, less worry about the mess in my house
6. less wine, more clear head (ha ha!)
7. less shyness and swimming more, who cares if my figure ain't what it used to be, its hot and the water feels good!
8. ice-cream for dinner
9. splurge on movies at the theater, yes its a rip off but so nice too!
10. let broken cell phone stay broken, i don't need to make any calls (or receive any either).

lisa s said...

i'm jealous of no. 12....

love your list. i can't even start to list. but will try. soon.

Jude said...

I love your summer list! It's winter here but we have been on a school break and we have done lots of sewing, had a birthday party, a curry night, eaten Mexican at friend's, scrapbooking. Sigh!

erin said...

you summer sounds delightful, tracy!

myredwagon said...

1. spend two and a half glorious weeks at home with my family (my last trip before the twins arrive)
2. beamed with pride listening to my daughter begin to really talk
3. found much inspiration for my new place at
4. remembered how fun it is to run through a sprinkler
5. reconnected with long lost friends

The Bruin Boy Bunch said...

can we trade lists

I only have 2 kids left under 18 one of them is at camp and I think I am doing a lot more running around than you

enjoy your time for me too

angelique said...

Sounds perfect. Love that happy hour/playdate idea! And your new masthead.

Sorry about what happened on Flickr (I am just catching up on your blog after a little internet vacation) and thanks for the reminder to be careful. I too am going to double-check that photos of my daughter are private.

OK, enough of that, off to do some #7.

shari said...

such a fabulous list tracy. i love the photo and your summer banner. let's see...i've mainly been gardening, working, painting just a bit. the usual. :) we are planning a vacation soon though. xo

samlamb said...

wow, what a list. i think i will starting mine with trying raspberry lemon drops.

glad you're having a fantastic summer!

devinemom said...

Wonderful list and quite encouraging.

Ms. O said...

Love your planter (and your door!!) Where is that from?

Tracy said...

thanks all!

jude you make me want to add curry night to the list... mmmm

ms. o - the fiberglass "bullet" planter was something our neighbours had stashed in their carport and no longer wanted. i have seen replicas out there... my husband did the door...