Wednesday, July 18, 2007

tech assistance

any blogger users out there who can tell me how to get "jumilla bugs" to disappear at the top of this page?


found it! thanks a!


Alicia A. said...

Tracy- back when I used Blogger I just had to keep cutting and pasting and un-pasting and cutting stuff in the html template until I got it to disappear.

Good luck!

melissa f. said...

i love that header. so nice.

theflyingmum said...

OK, it sez you got it, did you go to "customize" and then "template?" That's how I edit my blogger page...

tracy said...

i did "flyingmum". i have always set up things this way but all of a sudden couldn't get it to do what i wanted. seems there was a duplication buried in the html - just took longer to find!

BunkleLife said...

Love the new header lady!
And I'll happy be your sherpa guide if you decide to Folk Fest up here some time! FUn stuff for kids too - I relearned hula hooping, which I think qualifies me as a big kid...;)(FYI Truckers Memorial do a song about Brandon MB - it's on their myspace page)