Monday, July 28, 2008

coop de ville

d put outdid himself once again designing and fabricating our chicken coop.

cooped up

after much research, we decided against a permanent coop, and opted for a "tractor" instead. the thought behind this being that we can move it around the yard, fertilizing as we go. we looked at what was available commercially (and were tempted by this), but felt that d could build one that answered all our criteria and was budget-minded as well. we needed a safe place for the chickens to sleep, with good ventilation (the henhouse) and a safe area for them to play and eat in during the day, with extra shade for our hot summers (the run). we also wanted to take advantage of the byproduct of all the food the chickens consume (and they do like to eat!). we settled on a variation of the many "ark" images we found. the droppings in the henhouse fall into bedding of shredded newspaper and all that can go straight into our composter, and the droppings in the run go right on our "lawn". the henhouse contains a perch for them to sleep on, as well as a nesting box, for when they are ready to lay (somewhere between 6 mos and a yr). the run will serve them when we aren't home, but the plan is, when they are a little bigger, to let them roam the yard when we are around.

we are enjoying our three girls so much. they are such fun to watch (really!) and each has their own distinct personality. little red (a rhode island red) - the curious one; chick-a-dee (a buff wyandotte) - the little sister, always trying to get someone to play with her; and annie (an aracauna, we think) - as in oakley - (or fluff, depending on who you ask) who is very brave, a great performer, but also very cautious.

curious bird

Monday, July 21, 2008

for goodness sake

on grammee's knee

my mom is staying with us for the next 6 weeks or so. then we will all pile in the van and head to the cottage. mom will have to head back to the prairie, and we will stay on for a week or two. we are so looking forward to it.

and so enjoying now. the girls days are filled with storytelling and games of make-believe. it is amazing for me to watch them all together. there is a comfort and love that belies the miles between us. so good.

it is also a strange feeling of watching what i go through in a day. right now grammee rules, and i am left in their dust. but usually my days are filled with being the storyteller... it is giving me a new sense of what matters. (and it isn't the dirty dishes.)

thank goodness.

Monday, July 14, 2008



and when we aren't playing with the chooks - we are swimming in the pool.

happy monday!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


on the verge of becoming a crazy chicken lady who constantly posts pictures of her birds...

red and yellow

humour me. i am sure it will pass...

Sunday, July 06, 2008