Thursday, November 30, 2006

day thirty - 07:25 done

getting dressed

oooh. thanks again carol for the inspiration! and i think it was just what i needed...

thirty for thirty...

1. taking pictures every day is hard.
2. i didn't really realize how important socal lighting is to my pics. until we had some grey days.
3. the quality of the shots was much more erratic than i had wanted.
4. but it was honest. and that is important to me too.
5. i miss film.
6. santa please fill my stocking with film.
7. 35 mm and Polaroid. please.
8. most of my pics are taken with someone pulling at my sleeve. or calling my name.
9. i rarely have a moment alone.
10. for thanksgiving d gave me an unexpected day to myself. my first since e was born. thank you!
11. when i had a day to myself i didn't know what to do with it!
12. it is my nature to want to "take care" of people. hence my job taking care of someone. and my mothering. and my joining the pta.
13. this pta thing can get the best of ya. be warned.
14. it is important to step back and see the big picture. it makes it much more rewarding.
15. my dad used to always say "you can please all of the people some of the time; some of the people all the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time." he was a smart man.
16. i still lie in bed at night and wonder if we should have made a different education choice.
17. shanna is constantly inspiring me. not only artistically. but spiritually. thank you my friend.
18. i feel so lucky to be able to say that.
19. i am so ready for christmas. and my mom's arrival. mostly my mom's arrival.
20. i am absolutely in love with my dear dear friend's pink tree. and her son's too. the apple - or should i say vintage ornament - doesn't fall far from the tree!
21. i love the direction hannah is taking this year. i want to follow her lead. set limits and challenge expectations of what gift giving means.
22. i think that shari's compound word project, and her handmade for the holidays posts are brilliant.
23. i am in love with my 2007 calendar. is it wrong to want to caress your calendar??
24. i still must make a trio of these.
25. and finish these. (does advent really begin on friday?!)
26. oh these posts are good.
27. i am fighting an overwhelming urge to pack up the family and move north(north vancouver please) to the snow.
28. i am canadian after all
29. i obviously have had a hard time being quiet for thirty days!
30. thank you for sticking through this with me.

see you in december!

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day twenty-three - 22:35

cleaning updone

hope you and yours had a beautiful day. i am thankful for so much... happy thanksgiving

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day eight - 09:19

as seen out the window on my way to work

a true love (old movie theatres)


and it almost slipped me by unnoticed.
this is my one year anniversary

i have learned so much more than i would have imagined.

thanks for continuing to inspire me...

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30 days of living... day one 07:50

i love this idea. and will be giving it a go myself. (thanks for the inspiration carol!) i will be showing images from my everyday life. could be kids, activities, thrifting, crafting... and hopefully it will help me move a little more slowly. and take the time to look a little more carefully. (and perhaps even do a little less blogging and a little more getting other things done!)

happy november!

what she wore for halloween...