Monday, February 25, 2008



a jumper for e that i cut out months ago. finally sewn up last week. i had lost the directions to the pattern and winged it (wung it?). i wasn't happy with it and returned to it to sew down the pleats and add some buttons. much better. of course yesterday while cleaning out my work-space-to-be, i found the directions and read all i had done wrong. no matter. i will reuse it in some of the cotton lawn perhaps as a spring dress for k. the "right" way.

i am feeling better too. spring feels like it is really here and the blue funk i have been riding all winter will lift. it has been a tough one. and i thank you again for all your kind comments, thoughts and messages. it is all really appreciated.

to spring!
happy monday

Sunday, February 17, 2008


i feel a need to write something down. not really a need, perhaps. but an obligation. though that word fails as well. to call out a memory that i carry with me each day. and a date that marks the time since he left me. 6 yrs. i still feel his hand on my shoulder. and see his twinkle in my girls' eyes.

and miss him.

dad circa 1960
my dad and grandma c. 1960

Thursday, February 14, 2008


happy valentine's day!

sweet tweet
a lavender filled valentine from sam

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


brought home

from liberty

from liberty.

in the process of redoing my work-space as i make the move from the studio to working from home. storage is my biggest issue - mainly for my work files, but also for my burgeoning fabric collection! any ideas? i am thinking of some ikea cabinets with a custom work surface top. and d is trying to convince me to allow for a work surface in the center of the room. it is a small space. and i'm not sure about this idea. what do you think? what works for you? (links welcome!)

Monday, February 11, 2008

spring is in the air

197 yrsdaffodils

daffodils in london. now 80 degree temps here in los angeles. finding it hard to get back into the groove of it all.

the trip was hugely successful. the auction beyond expectations. and a few very worthwhile meetings as well. while i didn't get in as much sightseeing as i wished for. (thank you so much for all your suggestsions!) i did do alot of walking. and being away from my family was tough. though we all came through with flying colours. those 'unused muscles' that someone mentioned needed to be used every once-in-a-while, were. in many ways.

now back to work. happy monday!

Monday, February 04, 2008

night night

from london

night night {from london}

arrived this afternoon to a beautiful london day. spent it walking. and walking. 'til dark. {with a break to skype the girls while they got ready for school.}

a few pictures over here.

off to bed. {with a glass of red wine and coronation street on the tellie}