Wednesday, February 13, 2008


brought home

from liberty

from liberty.

in the process of redoing my work-space as i make the move from the studio to working from home. storage is my biggest issue - mainly for my work files, but also for my burgeoning fabric collection! any ideas? i am thinking of some ikea cabinets with a custom work surface top. and d is trying to convince me to allow for a work surface in the center of the room. it is a small space. and i'm not sure about this idea. what do you think? what works for you? (links welcome!)


melissa f. said...

oh, the weird grey strawberries... i love that one.

i think D is on to something. but whatever you do is going to be great.

i have been amazed at how orderly my stash has stayed once i sorted and folded by colour and stacked on a bookshelf. AMAZED. i am usually a mess. all the books go on the same shelves. anywa

melissa f. said...

i now sign all my comments with bits of random words.

meg said...

i love that middle fabric. love!

house on hill road said...

my little space is teeny tiny - no room for workspace except a small table that hold the sewing machine. i would love to have something in the middle of a room so i could create the kitchen triangle of the sewing world: cutting table, machine, iron. and shelves for your fabric certainly. like melissa, it does stay much neater for me that way. have fun!

leslie said...

my work area is unfortunately in the garage and still has one window left to put in (long story) it is up in the clerstory so everything is covered in dust after the slightest windy day. i have to store everything in the big plastic storage bins, terrible! someday though i hope to have a hutch of some kind with glass doors on top (like what you store china in?) so you can see the fabric on the shelf but it stays clean. cant wait to see what you do and i love those fabrics!