Monday, February 25, 2008



a jumper for e that i cut out months ago. finally sewn up last week. i had lost the directions to the pattern and winged it (wung it?). i wasn't happy with it and returned to it to sew down the pleats and add some buttons. much better. of course yesterday while cleaning out my work-space-to-be, i found the directions and read all i had done wrong. no matter. i will reuse it in some of the cotton lawn perhaps as a spring dress for k. the "right" way.

i am feeling better too. spring feels like it is really here and the blue funk i have been riding all winter will lift. it has been a tough one. and i thank you again for all your kind comments, thoughts and messages. it is all really appreciated.

to spring!
happy monday


hannah said...

i love it! what pattern was it? i have some fabric for the girls that is begging to be made into some cute jumpers.

kate said...

That really is adorable, the pleats and buttons and pink ric-rac!

I'd also love to know the pattern!

house on hill road said...

it is so sweet, tracy.

this single spark said...

Spring? Wha...?

Sweet, sweet dress. Looking so forward to bare arms and legs. 4 months from now. *sigh*

Glad you are feeling better.

The Bruin Boy Bunch said...

it is very cute... E will look good... but I have a place for you to check out it is a place to sell your home made items. Some one in my office showed me the site and I thought of you.

p.s. there is plenty of fabric for you to make things with here.. hint hint

BunkleLife said...

Glad you are really FEELING spring - you've had your share to deal with this winter, that's for sure.

And cute cute cute to the dress!!


Chara Michele said...

I love it!

meg said...

I also have problems conjugating the wing verb! As for winging that dress--well done! The pleats are precious.

Joanna Goddard said...

love that print. also, here is the post with your little book nook:

thank you again:)

sam lamb said...

it's adorable - the fabric is perfect!