Thursday, June 25, 2009

fun in the (no) sun

june gloom.

sunshiney faces.

my kind of beach day.



beach mama

at the beach


Sunday, June 21, 2009


happy father's day.
happy birthday.

last night

this morning
this morning

older, wiser and better lookin' too.

love you. more and more each year.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


with four days left of school. it feels like we are on the brink. a very good feeling. i am so very ready for it.




phase 2

did i tell you that she learned to ride a bike? no training wheels for her. she just got on it with that determined look of hers and made it happen. the smile came after. so very very good.

now the little one has that look in her eyes...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

while i was sleeping

k turned 5.
at 03:35 to be exact.

it is hard to believe my baby is 5. all week she has been preparing me.

"mama, this is the last time you are going to wash the hair of a 4 year old."

"mama, this is the last time you are going to take a 4 year old to the store."

"mama, this is the last time you are going to kiss a 4 year old good-night."

and then i kissed her again. and again. and again.

happy birthday 5 year old.


{did i tell you she begged her grammee for a "jack-in-the-box"? and from us, asked for polaroid film and batteries. go figure. for the price of polaroid film, we got her her own fuji instax, and a two pack of fujifilm - oh, and batteries too.}

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

these days

we have been very down and out with a flu bug. or i suspect flu bugs. we went on self-imposed quarantine at the end of last week - and are just re-emerging today. by the energy in the house we are more than ready.

our "house guests" while our neighbours are on their honeymoon - two yorkshire terriers - have as usual made themselves at home. while frustrated by the lack of access to the chooks they seem to be very settled in. and have been very nice for the girls to cuddle with when they are feeling poorly.

me & charley

charley & me

good thing we have recovered,

tomorrow is a very big day.

Monday, June 01, 2009


juliet {another rescue}

we are known for our soft hearts when it comes to the lost / needy. esp. of the animal persuasion. not a bad reputation. it has brought us another little turtle. a girl i think. and about 4 years old maybe? unfortunately. giselle (after adolophe adam's giselle) is not happy with her new pondmate juliet (after prokofiev's - via w.s. of course)

we have decided to put another pond in the backyard. a more self-contained one - as juliet is still quite small. we are converting a feed trough. will take pics soon.

and don't worry. i didn't put her on our orla kiely table cloth. this was a little piece in my scrap pile - leftover from turning the table cloth into two runners and napkins.

more tummy trouble here.... oh monday.