Tuesday, June 10, 2008

one car family

bluticket to ride

as of june 12 we will be a one car family. with me working from home now, this shouldn't be too bad. it is a question of economy - gas prices, and the costs of a new car. (we have been borrowing a car from our neice away at college, who is now returning for the summer - thanks sammy!) as well as a choice for more conscious living. we will see how it goes.

while i save up my pennies for this, k and i will be travelling to preschool (7 miles return), the market, etc. with the above set-up. d found the used lady schwinn (schweeet! thanks babe.) through a friend at work, and our neighbours were cleaning out the garage and offered us their bike trailer. perfect. (the only downside being i can't haul more with it.)


even more perfect is my k. who is 4 today. which i cannot believe. she is the kindest most thoughtful kid i know. with a crazy sense of humour. she informed me today, that she will always be my baby, or at least until she is bigger than me. and that i won't be growing anymore, but she will. she then gave me a big thumbs up. such is life. (you help me grow in more ways than you can imagine my little bug. i love you. happy birthday!!)


shari said...

nice ride trace. :)

we are currently a one car family too. tom is riding his motorcycle/bicycle to work. however, with the upcoming winter i'm afraid we'll be back to a 2 car family.

happy bday to little bug.

emily said...

happy birthday k.! and how fantastic, your one-car life. (a little jealous here. i was going to say green. but i thought that was too silly!)

Mama Urchin said...

Happy Day K! They just keep growing don't they?

BunkleLife said...

happy happy birthday little bug! how time flies...(and gemini's are ALWAYS the most thoughtful... and are often seen putting their thumbs up... ;-)
xoj (2 thumbs up!)

amy h said...

Happy birthday, K! Enjoy the ride.

shizzknits said...

OMG, too funny because I'm getting an xtracycle setup too...or leaast that's the plan! Love the current setup....she looks like she's having fun!
And happy Bday to her!

house on hill road said...

happy bday to your little lady! that schwinn is sweet - i wish we could swing the one car thing. it is just not feasible, though.

this single spark said...

We're doing a-ok with just one car. But then we don't have kiddies to haul around. But then, we do have mercilessly cold winters!

Enjoy your sweet wheels!

blair said...

wow, good for you. I would love for us to get to one car at some point. It helps tremendously that we are both working from home.

Happy Birthday to your not-so-little-and-very-wise-bug!

petite gourmand said...

we have been thinking of going down to one car as well.
I just wish it was warm (like in your wonderful part of the world) all year long.
I don't know if I'm die hard enough to tough it out in mid jan when your nostril hairs start to freeze after 2 minutes outside.
did I mention how lucky you are to live in California?...

happy b-day little K love your new ride!