Thursday, June 05, 2008

lost and found

yes i am still around - for all those who have called and asked

life is just full. last week i would have said overwhelming, but things are shaking down, as they do, and i sense my groove returning.

central coasthomeward boundcali coast

we had a wonderful trainride to portland and back. amazing really. to have a straight 29 hours with one's family is more of a gift than i had imagined. (have you read this article?) i am not claiming any spiritual revelation, but there was certainly a lot of joy in just kicking back and looking out the window. together. the wedding wasn't. a long story short: my niece is a smart girl and made a wise choice. we love her so much. we still had a wonderful weekend (oh how we love portland) traipsing the streets with d's family from the east, and of course checking in on our fave portland babe and his family. (thanks melissa as always!) we were sorry that time and weather did not permit all the visiting we had hoped for. but we will be back in august for more!

i have moved into my shed. or shack. or studio. we still haven't settled on what to call it. it feels very good.

the weather is already turning hot. the garden still seems to be happy. the pool is leaking - but d thinks he can fix it before the triple digits arrive. life is good. full. but good. i even find myself looking forward to that long hot lazy socal summer ahead.

if i disappear again. don't worry. i am just outside playing with the bugs.


house on hill road said...

good for your niece. glad you all had a fun trip!

hannah said...

i for one am ready for some more pool shots this summer, feel free to start snapping any time. how about that baby?? sheesh.

BunkleLife said...

15 feet? Wow. WOW.

Good for your niece - not easy i'm sure.

And you need to come up with a special name for the 'shed' (the Bunkle asked me to pass that along ;)