Sunday, August 31, 2008

things i learned on summer vacation


how to chop wood with a 6 lb maul
that chickens (and children) can grow exponentially in 2 weeks
that i can grow too
how to start a really good fire
that summers should be spent unplugged
that summers should be spent in the forest
how precious marriage is and that it should never be taken for granted
that cameras should never be left in the same bag as nanaimo bars
that chocolate should never be left in the glovebox
that swimming in the ocean or a river beats out the pool anyday
that we can live without (much) plastic
that wishes and prayers do come true
that 6 hours is really the ideal time for all of us to be in the car together
that when we have to, we can manage 12 hours in the car together
that when we work at it we can produce very little trash
how amazing my mom is
that we all can agree on leonard cohen, loretta lynn, blondie, and jack johnson
that we can't all agree on victoria williams, dream syndicate, and the original music of alvin and the chipmunks
that my brother is getting married!
how hope is infectious
how together we can make change
that fresh caught wild salmon is still one of my favourite foods
that blackberries off the vine are the best snack
that my children are adventurous
that my children don't need any "stuff" to keep them occupied
that i do not like it when the temperature is above 80 F
how after a day of weeding i enevitably dream of broom
that thrift shops in b.c. are really very very good
that my almost 7 year old loves pea soup and beets
that wasps can sting more than once
that my 4 year old is not allergic to wasp stings
that my needs are simple
that home is where the heart is

Sunday, August 10, 2008

oooh. ahhh. ohhh.

over the river
happy camper

four glorious days at yosemite with dear friends. (a few more photos here.) now home for a few days to clean-up before we hit the road to the cottage.

happy (very happy) summer.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

up and away

from the pool

taking off for a while - literally and figuratively.

holding on tight to summer... hope yours is treating you right.