Monday, June 23, 2008

dinner last night


from our garden.

so much going on. working from home. and now trying to balance a girl on summer vacation with all the work i need to get done. (thankfully my mom arrives in two weeks!)

so many june bdays i let slide without word here. you know who you are. face-to-face is so much better anyway.

i do love working from home. i love hearing the girls wake up extra early (5:20 am!) to see if another silkwork egg has hatched (it had) and then watch them dose back to sleep for another 3 hours. then haul them both on the back of the bike to get k to pre-school by 10. return home with one to set-up some pet rock painting, while i attend to the stuff i am supposed to be attending to!

will try to pop back here when i can...

happy summer!

p.s. having a dilemma with newly acquired bedroom suite for the girls (was d's and his big bro's growing up) - should i paint it? it isn't exactly mcm, but was purchased circa 1963!


leslie said...

our carrots look like that too!! we cant grow potatoes at the community garden, wish we could, those look good! i say paint the dresser if you can, maybe red? or a wild pink? just my suggestions. let me know when you head to laguna, maybe we can hook up this year.


Anonymous said...

lovely photo:)

BunkleLife said...

Look at you gardener girl! SO jealous - there is nothing like fresh veggies you grow yourself. Those purple spuds are the cutest things ever.

And as for the dresser - I would try hardware as step one, then move to paint.


The Bruin Boy Bunch said...

paint the bedroom set make it the girls

The Bruin Boy Bunch said...
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