Tuesday, June 09, 2009

these days

we have been very down and out with a flu bug. or i suspect flu bugs. we went on self-imposed quarantine at the end of last week - and are just re-emerging today. by the energy in the house we are more than ready.

our "house guests" while our neighbours are on their honeymoon - two yorkshire terriers - have as usual made themselves at home. while frustrated by the lack of access to the chooks they seem to be very settled in. and have been very nice for the girls to cuddle with when they are feeling poorly.

me & charley

charley & me

good thing we have recovered,

tomorrow is a very big day.

1 comment:

BunkleLife said...

LOVE those photos! And nothing helps a bug like a wee yorkie ;)

And happy (day early) 5th little bug!!
(and please yes to seeing you in August!)