Wednesday, June 10, 2009

while i was sleeping

k turned 5.
at 03:35 to be exact.

it is hard to believe my baby is 5. all week she has been preparing me.

"mama, this is the last time you are going to wash the hair of a 4 year old."

"mama, this is the last time you are going to take a 4 year old to the store."

"mama, this is the last time you are going to kiss a 4 year old good-night."

and then i kissed her again. and again. and again.

happy birthday 5 year old.


{did i tell you she begged her grammee for a "jack-in-the-box"? and from us, asked for polaroid film and batteries. go figure. for the price of polaroid film, we got her her own fuji instax, and a two pack of fujifilm - oh, and batteries too.}


Samantha said...

happy birthday sweetie

BunkleLife said...

so sweet. hopefully when she has little ones you will again be washing the hair of a 4 year old! :)

Leslie said...

sweetness!! Thanks for sharing and I love her touseled (sp??)hair! My littlest has wild hair, always.


this single spark said...

She is growing up. Not such a blondie anymore!

Happy day, K!

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday! When my daughter turned four this year she woke up in the morning and said "Mama, I'm four! Are my clothes still going to fit?" It's amazing how much bigger they feel on their birthdays.

alyssa said...

I get it, the camera and the jack-in-box are both magic boxes. One stores images and one pops them out. That's why the polaroid was the perfect image popping machine. Your sweet girl is a very clever miss.
Happy Birthday!

lisa s said...

happy birthday!

do we get to see your instax photos??