Monday, June 01, 2009


juliet {another rescue}

we are known for our soft hearts when it comes to the lost / needy. esp. of the animal persuasion. not a bad reputation. it has brought us another little turtle. a girl i think. and about 4 years old maybe? unfortunately. giselle (after adolophe adam's giselle) is not happy with her new pondmate juliet (after prokofiev's - via w.s. of course)

we have decided to put another pond in the backyard. a more self-contained one - as juliet is still quite small. we are converting a feed trough. will take pics soon.

and don't worry. i didn't put her on our orla kiely table cloth. this was a little piece in my scrap pile - leftover from turning the table cloth into two runners and napkins.

more tummy trouble here.... oh monday.


BunkleLife said...

oh juliet! how lucky you are...

david said...

heaven forbid Juliet have an ugly background for her online debut!!!

this single spark said...

oooooo! i love turtles!

welcome, juliet. :]