Monday, March 03, 2008

for green week

more info here

on my way to work

these hills on my drive to work are only green for a couple of weeks each year. those few precious weeks after the rain and before the heat. my favorite time here.

i will be working from home in a few weeks. no longer commuting. will not miss the driving. but will somewhat miss the drive. i enjoy the solitude. traffic doesn't bother me. i listen to the radio, and take in the subtle clues to the los angeles seasons the hills provide.

it will be good to do this without the car.


emily said...

those hills are SO green! (and your transition. hoping it will be a smooth one for you. as smooth as can be.)

Anonymous said...

I am going to send my high-strung husband to you for some relaxation lessons!


leslie said...

of course you listen to kcrw, such a cool girl!