Tuesday, March 25, 2008


blue and orange

did i mention we visited heath ceramics while up north? i have wanted to for some time, but hadn't had the opportunity. it was fantastic. their vintage tiles are so beautiful. (and have inspired a summer project.) and so much orange and blue and brown - love.

picnic @ heath ceramics

we had a picnic outside in their courtyard, then naturally one of the little had to use the bathroom, so we got an up close and personal look at the kilns and some molds too. (the staff was so lovely and welcoming.) and came home with a few pieces as well.

then received a little extra on easter morning.

thanks bunny. xo

hope your week is going well...


lisa said...

I am going there sunday for the first time! did you come to Rare Device???

melissa f. said...

pictures of the acquired pottery, please.

needless to say, i'm salivating at the whole thing.

Ramblin' Rose said...

oh! you take the best photos, I want more of those! I did update our blog btw, and am inspired by you to do it more often!

amy h said...

Ooh, I'd love to visit Heath -- one of these days...