Friday, March 28, 2008

for my laptop

which i won't be hauling around as much when i have a home office ;)

moop bag

perhaps it will get more use filled with mail as i ride my bike to our local mbe! (can you tell i am excited about this home office deal?)

i love this bag from moop::handmade bags. it is just the right size. (largish). and has pockets and rings on the interior. the strap feels good on my shoulder and the craftsmanship is fantastic. (living up to their credo.)

i have a lot of thick (thick - about 1/2 inch!) felt around and hope to fashion some kind of cozy for the laptop as well. hmmm...

thanks for the support as always. have a great weekend!


sally said...

Still love those hooks.

And love your bag. I've been eyeing those Moop bags for awhile now...think I might have to buy myself a bday present next month!!

Mama Urchin said...

Such a nice bag for a laptop. Still understated but so stylish.

jody said...

love it!!! great buy!

emily said...

wonderful bag! thanks for the link.

(and. i'm awfully curious about your work. wondering what it is that you do, exactly. i know. nosy, nosy. but i am!)

Chara Michele said...

It looks great. I have admired those bags for awhile too :)

Sharon said...

where on earth does one find 1/2" thick felt? ...enjoy the new office