Friday, March 14, 2008

mellow yellow

ca sunflower bloom

friday already? feeling much better, though the time change thing seems harder this go round. luckily, it has been a gorgeous week. and taken up by digging in the dirt. the natives we planted last year are all starting to bloom. {i am so loving the yellow flowers on this california sunflower bush (encelia californica) we planted around the turtle pond. as is the turtle.(for her lunch)} we have our little starter plants going for the veggie beds, and there is nothing i would rather be doing than working in the yard. unfortunately, there is a lot of stuff i should be doing.

with that. we are off to the bay area for a few days of escape - to mellow out - and to spend some time with much missed friends.

{yay for spring break!}



hannah said...

lovely. i think we need a yard tour when you get back. eliot is insisting we go to florida for spring break next week. hard to explain why that isnt happening. enjoy the bay, take lots of pictures of water!

Kristina said...

Oooohhh that lovely California weather ;o)
Have a great trip!

this single spark said...

good lord, i want a yard of my own!!!! and some summer.

have a great holiday.

leslie said...

the weather has been fantastic here, i agree! clear skies from the wind and lots of clouds. this is my favorite time, everything is green and its not too hot! we actually got snow at the cabin this weekend! have fun on your spring break, we have it next week.