Friday, March 07, 2008

a little green


these are from a set of doll furniture made by my great-aunt jess - much played with when I was a child, and now by my girls.

i am feeling a little green myself. hence the lack of posts for this lovely green week. i have been enjoying the sightings of others! thanks so much emily for the inspiration.

have a great weekend


lisa s said...

omg. i love those... so much

petite gourmand said...

oh so great that you still have them.
very cute

this single spark said...

hey darling,

hope you are feeling less of the bad kind of green and more of the good kind!

emily said...

and thank you so much for playing green with me! (hope you're feeling better.)

Mary Richmond said...

Don't you just love doll furniture?? I gave mine away years ago when we moved and they just don't make cool wooden stuff any more....thanks for the smile.