Wednesday, March 05, 2008


e calls it the green chair.
k, the birthday seat.


was acquired during a busy move of some dear friends. we are holdling onto it for them.

we will see you soon ramblers. can't wait. xo


BunkleLife said...

2 things:

- that belongs in the bunkle. really.
- soooo reassuring to see someone else's lack of baseboards ;-)


emily said...

a special spot.

this single spark said...

(basically posting the same comments on two blogs...)

was trying to think what that sweet chair reminded me of, but due to nasty head cold, it wouldn't come. zipped on over to my friend maya's blog and there it is... the thing that chair reminds me of...

this single spark said...

hmmm... how to leave a link...

wrap it, i guess.

amy t sharp said...

love that chair
and i just wanted you to know I have been coming here for a bit and I just adore yr blog xo