Monday, February 11, 2008

spring is in the air

197 yrsdaffodils

daffodils in london. now 80 degree temps here in los angeles. finding it hard to get back into the groove of it all.

the trip was hugely successful. the auction beyond expectations. and a few very worthwhile meetings as well. while i didn't get in as much sightseeing as i wished for. (thank you so much for all your suggestsions!) i did do alot of walking. and being away from my family was tough. though we all came through with flying colours. those 'unused muscles' that someone mentioned needed to be used every once-in-a-while, were. in many ways.

now back to work. happy monday!


emily said...

welcome home! glad all in london was good. and that the muscles are flexed.

(we're reading pippi longstocking, too. and laughing hard. and loving it.)

lisa s said...

glad to see you here!

so glad the trip was fruitful. would have loved to go to the tate with you!!

Blair said...

welcome home!!!

leslie said...

glad you are home safe! this weather is wacky, huh? i was out in a sweater yesterday and realized it was close to 80 degrees! oops!

Tracy said...


this single spark said...

May I just mention that it was -46 here this morning. No, seriously. Missing Winterpeg yet, darling?!?

Big hug and glad you're home safe and sound.