Tuesday, November 28, 2006

day twenty-eight - 08:59

405 S


BunkleLife said...

Is this you driving North? ;-)
Road warrior!
Snow stunning but tiresome - left my snow shovel in TO, and all shovels in Vancouver have been bought...I am a Snow Sweeper now (sigh)

amy h said...

It seems like this is how I spend half of my visit every time I go to LA. Ugh, traffic.

I love the glasses. I have a similar pair, but I'm always on the lookout for other pairs of large glasses...

tracy said...

sorry j - just dreaming of driving N!

amy - glass from isaac mizrahi for target.... (cheap!)

BunkleLife said...

Wish I was driving south - the pipes in my house are frozen this morning, no water, lots of stress. SIGH. Weather slowly warming thank god.
Take me away calgon! :(

blair said...

Hey, I see you : )