Tuesday, January 21, 2014

a bigger picture

bay area weekend

with the opportunity to take in david hockney's "a bigger exhibition" at san francisco's de young sunday, we made a quick decision and headed north. of course the opportunity to visit dear friends only made the weekend sweeter.

i love to tell e stories of her visits with hockney. lunch at his house, and an amazing afternoon at his studio. of course she was a wee baby, and remembers none of it. but it is fun to recall none-the-less. he was so friendly and welcoming and excited about what he was doing. that exuberance is so evident in his work. e was drawn to the giant iPad drawings and video, and k went around searching out details in the paintings. it was the charcoal drawings though that had me lingering the longest.

visiting friends like these is, well, always a highlight. it is easy - the way it should be. we are blessed to have them in our lives. no matter where they, or we, roam. these big picture friends mean the world to us.

and we had a day to explore a little piece of golden gate park with them. these family outings are only beginning to get grumbles from the big sister. i hold onto them tightly.

so, the show was fantastic. the company the best. so good to have a little get-away.

(and oh those sf bay sunsets.)

bay area weekend


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this single spark said...

you are a canadian girl! i think you mean hockney. ;]

Tracy Bartley said...

Ha! Good catch C! Fixed ;) Jan - you should order the catalogue. It is lovely xo