Saturday, January 04, 2014

lots of nothing

we really unplugged these last two weeks. so very good.




we played the ukulele. cribbage. and went through a series of suduko puzzles like nobody's business. we walked favorite roads and paths and played outside and got a lot of yard work done. we read by the fire.

i read:
chasing aphrodite (so good in the museum gossip dept. if you have been part of that world - and more specifically the getty part of that world)
the daylight gate (pretty graphic and disturbing at points. but i have a longstanding fascination with dr. dee and alchemy and this fit in nicely. plus winterson's prose never disappoints.)
the paris wife (i loved this book. with my love for hemingway and historical fiction, a friend recommended it to me a while back - and i'm so glad i finally got to it.)
the goldfinch (i had a plan to buy this on island, at my favorite bookshop, only to find out they were sold out. thankfully lindsay gave me her copy to read. i'm only half way through but am having a lot of trouble putting it down. always a good sign. makes me want to reread a secret history.)

you'll have to ask the others about the specifics of their reading lists but...

d read:
the golden spruce
telegraph avenue

e read:
an abundance of katherines
eleanor & park
the probability of miracles
the book thief
after iris

k read:
fortunately, the milk
flora & ulysses
dork diaries: tales from a not-so-graceful ice princess
dork diaries: tales from a not-so-happy heartbreaker
and a stack of betty & veronica double digests


Mama Urchin said...

How old is e? We have trouble finding challenging books for k that are not too mature.

Tracy Bartley said...

she's 12 - in 7th grade. it's tough. i try to read what she reads, and hope its an opportunity for us to discuss some of the more mature themes (like in this one: i'm thinking k is younger? xo

this single spark said...

The girl's reading lists look a lot like mine these days! Some suggestions for E:
1. Constable & Toop - Victorian ghost story / mystery.
2. The Crazy Man by Pamela Porter - Very prairie. Set on a farm in SK, tragic and sweet, written in prose but highly readable. Was one of my faves this year.
3. Reluctant Journal of HEnry K. Larson by Susin Neilson - one of the MYRCA books this year.
4 Haven't read them yet, but Kenneth Oppel has a couple of books in a series about young Victor Frankenstein. Also MYRA nominees.

this single spark said...

Just to clarify - Crazy Man is a novel in verse. Meant to put "poem" after "prose".

this single spark said...

Me again!

Not to leave K out:
The Apothecary by Maile Meloy. Has a sequel that I a haven't read yet. Thought this book was great fun and totally wanted to be able to change into a bird, despite my fear of flying. ;]

rebecca said...

welcome home! i (always) love your cabin time in review.

a friend was telling me tonight about flora and ulysses. i've placed it on hold at the library. looking forward to it - for calder and myself. i hear it' pretty great.

Tracy Bartley said...

oh lots of goodies! thanks c xoxo and reb - check this out: book trailers! who knew?!

house on hill road said...

e's list is a lot like kate and jane's!

Jennie said...

I just finished the Goldfinch over Christmas and loved it! I also want to re-read the Secret History too. Will look for the others on your list they all sound great!