Thursday, April 19, 2007

Corners of My (Dream) Home(s) 2

when things move too quickly

when the world seems a bit too scary

when i crave some peace and some calm

i dream of this place


i know nothing about it. though have spent many days at the beach gazing at it. it is built on a tiny island off the coast of my favorite place on earth. off the grid. only accessible by boat. and perfect. to me. and my imagination. {can you see it?}

it has been a week where i am dreaming of this place. a lot.


meg said...

i always dream about living on a one-house island, too. like this, even:

melissa f. said...

no kidding. we would miss you though. a lot.

Gwendolen said...


lisa s said...

there has been something about this week, no?

let's have a blog meet up on that island. can we bring solar panels to run our sewing machines and make tea??


tracy said...

funny you should say that lisa... i was thinking the same thing! xo

blair said...

I'm with Lisa S., is there something about this week, cause it got to me too, only I wish I'd have had a place like that to dream about. Can you get chocolate shipped out to you on the island? Cause that would make it almost perfect! xo

BunkleLife said...

You know I'd do anything I could to make this move easy for you!! ;-) (not for any selfish reason like the fact you'd be that much closer or anything.... )