Monday, April 16, 2007

up and down


full weekend. planting in the garden, birthday party in the park and preparations. (of the irs inclination.)

but at least a little time with my sewing machine.


(albeit not exactly what i wanted to sew...)

2006 was the year of the apron and cookbook.
2007 looks to be of the backpack and crayon roll.

how was your weekend?


erin said...

cute photo tracy!

melissa f. said...

it looks like perfect weather-- perfect poncho weather anyway.

this single spark said...

my weekend was hell. am currently on hour 36 of no sleep. but guess what? i'm done school. so my weekends from here on out are mine! and i plan to spend them like you... in the garden, hunched over the sewing machine and hangin' with the my substitute kids (ie cats). you're my inspiration!

Gwendolen said...

My weekend was not as nice weather wise as your weekend it seems. But good nonetheless. The girls are so cute and lucky to have such fabulous sewn items!

Alas, my sewing machine and I have to get reacquainted one of these days.

lisa s said...

no crayon rolls over here :(

Janice said...

I'm new to LA and my daughter (on the East coast) introduced me to your clever blog. Can you suggest a good fabric store? The quilt store in Pasadena is OK....but nothing to RACE to each week.

tracy said...

welcome to l.a. janice! it is such a big city - there are so many great places to buy fabric. (downtown esp.). i am in the sfv and usually check out baron's in woodland hills. there is also a place in the southbay i try and hit when i am down there. the name is escaping me... i also find myself ordering quite a bit online these says ( and most of all) hope this helps!

petite gourmand said...

look at those funky ponchos!
great shot.