Friday, September 14, 2007


i think that since meeting d, and marrying into his large, loud, loving family, rosh hashana has become one of my favourite holidays. i love the idea of possibility and new hopes that come with a new year. and there is something especially poignant about such ideas in the fall, with new beginnings in our lives and other things coming to an end.

shana tov

wishing you a sweet new year.

looking at these apples reminded me of a great article in the l.a. times food section this week - on heirloom apples grown locally. you can find it here.


lisa s said...

happy new year to you!
i spoke to judith!!

briana said...

L'shanah tovah... I think we should all remember to eat apples and honey more often.

(Thanks for the LA Times link - i never even looked at the food section this week. must be something wrong with me.)

emily said...

happy new year to you!

i was so torn, buying bunches of apples for our rosh hashanna celebration - they were from across the country and some from across the ocean - but i bought them for the holiday. i'm going to investigate local options now so that i'm prepared for 5769!

The Bruin Boy Bunch said...

just wait for Sukkot.... the girls need to come help decorate the sukkah.... L'shanah Tovah from Aggie Land