Wednesday, November 21, 2007


in no particular order


a little head sleeping on our new pillow.

a piece of heaven of our own to get away to.

this face gives me hope

and all remind me to

be thankful.


happy thanksgiving.


hannah said...

so good.

good to thankful.

have a good day tomorrow.

melissa f. said...

hurray!! a place. i can't wait to hear.

emily said...

yes, yes, yes. happy thanksgiving to you and yours.

Blair said...

look forward to hearing more details! congrats and happy happy Thanksgiving. xo

Alicia A. said...

yay! you're getting your own place there. so lucky and thankful. :)

this single spark said...

wonderful! the house came through!!! congratulations to your family and happy thanksgiving. xo c.

leslie said...

please fill me in asap on your "own place" are you really going to be on this island???? sooooooo jealous over here, more info please!! (am i hounding you too much? )