Wednesday, April 09, 2008

things i never get to do at home


read the nyt in bed while eating scrambled eggs and toast.*

have a car take me up the hudson to visit a very dear friend.

spend an hour talking about vignelli's contribution to sans serif fonts and the beauty of helvetica with same friend. (jan, have you seen this film?)

sit in front of one painting at the museum of modern art for 1/2 an hour.

walk down the street with a crowd of 100s.

*ok, d i know you are thinking - she gets breakfast in bed from the girls all the time - but this was different! oh but i do miss you! xo


this single spark said...

oh! the breakfast tray... that's what I'm asking for for my birthday. Get coffee in bed most mornings, but I want to up the decadence a notch.

enjoy the rest of your stay in ny!

Anonymous said...

Sounds positively lovely. Enjoy for both of us okay?

Went and bought ourselves an acreage! Will be living the quiet ( and poor ) life by the end of May!

Hope all is well, travel safe!


lisa s said...

hope you said hi to the eve hesse piece on the floor for me....

have a great trip

BunkleLife said...

sounds like a great trip - and am keen to see the doc, I haven't yet but will keep an eye out...

angeljoy said...

I can see why you spent a half hour at that painting! I love having the luxury of doing that. I was able to do that at the Art Institute in Chicago. The other girls went shopping and I leisurely strolled through everything I wanted to see. Decadence!