Thursday, May 08, 2008



hi there. still having trouble getting to this spot. there is so much other stuff going on. my laptop seems to have fizzled out on me - though i am promised it is "fixable".

our neighborhood school is in the throes of many battles, while at the same time, played host to an amazing community weekend of mural painting and gardening with 175 volunteers in attendance. {it just seems like "the system" doesn't want us to succeed. sigh.} the main issue at hand is an offer of co-location to a charter school. while at first glance this may not seem like anything too terrible, our community really feels that it goes against all that we have been working for. i have nothing against charter schools, but this one serves a demographic much different than the one attending our school. the differences will be notable, compounded by the fact that they are in uniform, and we are not. i really worry about the message of community we have been working so hard to foster being divided. we will continue to fight to keep our "home" ours. and we will see.

the shed is still moving along. almost there. that and our little garden are my therapy. must find time to sew...


BunkleLife said...

what a frustrating situation - hope hope hope you guys can win this one.

leslie said...

well our school is all in uniform, wondering if we are a charter school? serves me right not to know since i am not volunteering in the pta enough, next year i will be knee deep in it. i love your sense of community and the spirit you have to own your school, very inspirational, even if it feels like a battle to you. the garden is great therapy!

this single spark said...

What a beautiful photo... just gorgeous. What kind of plant is that?

We have buds on our trees now, so pretty springy here in Manitoba!

Keep up the good fight, my dear!