Thursday, April 16, 2009

home work



I have found an old stack of pictures from the first time we walked through the house that has become our home. I can recall looking at them some time ago and thinking I should really put them into an album. Then I thought perhaps I would start up another blog just to document the house. (I even thought up a name.) For now, I am going to try and post more before and after shots here - and document the work that has gone into making this place ours.

p.s. happy unofficial official anniversary cowboy.


amy h said...

Wow, it looks like you totally changed the roofline.

I love little courtyards like this.

BunkleLife said...

house blog! yes! please!

Tracy said...

hi amy. that is my bad photography. no changes to the roof line have been made!

and jan. for you. i will seriously think about it ;)

Jennie said...

i have to second the house blog request!! you have done such lovely work on the place!

leslie said...

oh i would love a blog like that!! you could even write a book, awesome, awesome!!

krisel keeper said...

You know I want to see a house blog.

this single spark said...

Ah.... so inspiring. How long have you been in that house now? I want everything to be done NOW.... but we haven't been here a year yet, and I need to learn some patience. But when will MY house look like it should be in a magazine?!?

sam lamb said...

wow - what a great transformation!