Monday, May 04, 2009

not sure what i think

not sure what i think

i thought it was a birdfeeder.

but apparently it is a hanging planter.

i'm not sure i like it.

but it was $2.99 at the goodwill, is stamped made in japan 1976 on the bottom, and has chickens on it. so i bought it.

(that last sentence kind of scares me. i can remember going through a phase in the early 80s where i mentioned i liked cows then was inundated with all things black&white&bovine for many birthdays to come.)

happy monday.

i think it will likely end up here.


melissa f. said...

i think it will grow on you.

heathashli said...

I say throw some birdseed in it.

lisa s said...

how could you pass it up? :D