Wednesday, August 26, 2009

long way home

we decided on adventure. the girls and i remained at the cabin an extra week while d had to head back to work. we missed him. but were excited at the possibilities. it was a magical week. and then it had to end. we set-forth on a new trail. headed to portland. then corvallis. (so many good people in this part of the world!) darted off our beaten path and on to newport. the coast. brookings. then california. redwoods. eureka! berkeley. and home.

i hope that they remember it. that we sit back years from now and talk about it. i know it impacted me more than i imagined.

Philomath OR - Gathering Together Farm

Philomath OR - Gathering Together Farm


Newport OR - Nye

Newport OR - goodnight

Newport OR - Nye

Brookings OR

Newport OR - Nye

Eureka CA

i should really write down the story about the cat. our time with amazing friends. and The Gathering Together Farm. highlights. but I doubt I will. school is about to start and I need to leave my summer vacation cocoon and return to the real world. like it or not. and I am revelling in the "lowlights". does that make sense? it has been an amazing summer. and I am grateful.

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rebecca said...

Hooray for the long way home! Beautiful photos of a wonderful summer adventure. Did you get my email about Saturday the 12th? Let me know if that's a possibility.