Wednesday, October 14, 2009

crewel weather

things are getting checked off the list! hopefully things to share by week's end.

i picked this little owl up at that out-of-the-way thrift yesterday. i thought it would end up in the shop, but the girls found a place for it on their wall, so for now anyway, it is staying here

inspiration 2

i am almost finished a crewel project, and looking for something with a wider variety of stitches. i love the eyes on this one. and am feeling inspired by a recent visit with this piece. (a true love of mine.)

it is cold and rainy and i'm happy. and i am feeling productive. i certainly am siding with the turtles (and not the chickens) on the wet stuff coming down. good stuff.


Dina said...

Don't you just love the surprises you can find while thrifting? It's like Christmas every time. (I think your blog is wonderful)

Jodi Anderson said...

I have to admit that I purchase a lot of thrift and vintage items that I intend to sell, but I end up keeping them. At least for a while. And, sometimes, it inspires me to purge something else instead.

I love your blog.