Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Chris Burden's "Urban Light" at LACMA

i was honored to be part of a conversation this past Thursday at LACMA on artists and books. it was in conjunction with this little Kitaj install there. (gorgeous install if you have the chance to check it out.) always a thrill to take a dip into the artworld pool. there will be a lot going on in that part of my life in the next few months, with an exhibition in the uk at abbot hall - and preparations for another in berlin next year. i am excited.

my other passion saw over 125 volunteers descend on our school this weekend as part of Big Sunday. we painted and weeded and danced and got to know each other a little better. our greening is coming along - and back to school 2011 will be very exciting with a lot of major projects finished. (next on my list - a chicken coop for the school!)

it is raining - completely out of character for socal. and i am reveling in it. hope your week is a good one!

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