Sunday, December 18, 2011

all together now.

last night was our 5th annual neighborhood progressive dinner.

so love seeing everyone together. young and old.


all together now


architect, teacher, gardener (extraordinaire), stay-at-home-super-dad, lawyer, actor, student, artist, psychologist, CFO, musician, retiree, historian, environmentalist, litigator, real estate agent, engineer, designer...

we are all different. backgrounds, politics, religions, parenting styles. but all accept each other unconditionally.

and this night of the year we share a four-course meal together, invite each other into our homes, and celebrate the beauty that is this neighborhood.

so blessed. (few more pics here.)

i'm going to shut-down for a while and savour the moments. (you can still find me over at habit through december.)

happy holidays!


blair/wise craft said...

I love that your neighborhood does this. I think this sort of thing is so important in our lives, in our children's lives, the sense of community. Happy Holidays to you and your lovely family T!!! xo

Dina said...

When you continue to see and hear how sense of community is being almost a thing of the past, this wonderful tradition you share is encouraging for all.

Tracy said...

it is sooo good. and grows each year.

happy happy :)