Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas day.




when my mom was a girl she and her sister saved their pennies to buy their mom an angel chime. we thrifted one for my mom. and love how its spot on the wood stove elicits the gentle ringing of the bells.


likely posts of pictures without words in the coming days.

our rhythm being dictated by the meals we prepare. eating locally and seasonally and thoughtfully.

lots of time at the shore and in the woods. lots of imaginative play.

books read, wool and beads being transformed, puzzles slowly completed.

i love living this way.

hope you are having a wonderful break as well. xo

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katemakes said...

We had the same brass angel candle chime as part of our Christmas decor in the '70s - from a trip to Europe. We are also in BC so it may very well be the exact same one as it is long gone.