Tuesday, September 25, 2012

happy {strong and smart}


K wrote a letter to her teacher last week that went as follows:

Dear Mrs. F,
I would like to be in the student consle because I would be strong and smart. I would make sure that no one was being mean. I would take notes on anything importent. I would try my best.
Your Student,

her teacher saved it for me and presented it to me on my return this week. it made my heart swell. my goal is always to try and inspire my girls to be strong and smart. and to know that their best is all that is needed, whatever the final results.

on this, my 42 birthday, i am inspired by my youngest daughter. i have resigned from my position with the school district where a change in leadership has greatly minimized the effectiveness of the program we established three years ago. i am strong. and smart. and this is no longer a good fit for me. i tried my best. i am lucky that we have the means (and i have the support) to make this difficult choice.


my partner-in-asphalt-crime and i have plans. but we are in no rush. i am looking forward to a reduced juggling act between my homelife / my artworldlife / and my schoolgreeninglife.

i am happy. {and the girlies - and d - are too.}


BunkleLife said...

Happy Happy 42, my strong smart friend! And it sounds like you have made the right choice (which is usually the difficult one).

(And K's letter is fantastic!)


Melissa said...

This is all very good. Xo

rebecca said...

HAPPY DAY to you!

I just love "big moves" even though they're risky - or maybe because they're risky! Congratulations on the changes, welcome home, wow! you've got a cool girlie, and happy birthday!

big hugs!

p.s. calder's rockin' the new school. we love it!

Julia said...

happy happy day to you, tracy. good for you.

this single spark said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday! Two days late, in my usual style. I can't think of a better present than getting a letter like that. Made me want to give K a big hug from 3230 kilometers away. And one for you too, my friend!

Jennie said...

Sounds like it was a very hard but very good decision!

Tracy said...

thanks all xoxoxo

reb - so happy to hear about Calder's transition. not surprised ;)

leslie said...

your 40's are the years to make big decisions, at least that's what i have been doing too. a midlife crisis decade to do what you REALLY want to do without regrets (and minimal whining) :)

leslie said...