Wednesday, February 06, 2013

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thanks for your insights. these are such hard decisions. i know our struggle with middle school choices last year weighed so heavily on me. in the end, we did not go to our assigned neighborhood school, but instead to a magnet, which as it goes, is actually closer to us and filled with kids we know.

we are also in the process of writing a charter for our elementary school. i am honored to be involved in this process but can't help wondering why we have to go this route? (local control really. and that can be a great thing. alongside the thinking that "everybody's doing it". not sure how i feel about that. but the reality is we are loosing families to schools with "charter" in their name.) we are going for "affiliated" charter (as opposed to "independent") - an option that seems only to have been developed for the unique animal that is our school district. so we will remain with the same staff (who will hold the same contracts) and for the most part the same students (filling our seats with neighborhood students first, and after that - if space remains - by lottery.) we will have a larger income source. and more say in how those dollars are spent. we will also have more responsibility. i think we are ready for it.

so nothing is perfect. we weigh the pros and cons and make a decision. then we second-guess ourselves. but in the end there are no regrets. we are so very lucky to have the choice we have.

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