Wednesday, October 09, 2013

please excuse the mess


fall is my favorite season. cooler climes suit me well, and i tend to be much more productive. it's the best time to garden in socal. and makes painting much more comfortable.

like with so many things right now, i'm itching for a bit of change. perhaps it's the weather, (rain today!). i'm not sure. we are scheming bedroom re-do's and talking shower pans. and i've begun to play around with things over here. i'm in the process of moving my posts from here and here, over here. it will feel good to have everything all together. and easier for me moving forward as well.

blogging has changed so very much since i started this space almost (gasp) 8. years. ago! (it was fall. of course!) but i still love this spot for the connections it has afforded me, and the documentation it has provided. i look forward to keeping it going.

thanks for sticking around. xo

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