Sunday, December 22, 2013

progressive dinner 2013 :: making merry

{home from our holidays and playing catch-up}

our annual progressive dinner this year happened with new to the neighborhood hosts and an ever-growing guest list.


my dear friend - who has been part of this tradition from the beginning - found me the most beautiful caroling bell. (part of our tradition is ringing a bell between courses to get people moving on to the next house.) the tag on it read: "Our caroling bell is a symbol of holiday nostalgia when family, friends and neighbors would gather to make merry and sing Christmas hymns in chorus from home to home. Filling the streets and sidewalks with joyful song..." so perfectly fitting. our streets really to fill with joy as we trek from one host home to the next.

progressive 2013

most visible to me - how our kids are now the "big kids" and how there is a whole new generation of littles and their parents. love.

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