Saturday, February 08, 2014

local fare

we took gramma to dinner at one of our favorite spots. the local peasant has been open for about a year now and still feels like the place where the cool kids are hanging out. it has a fun, hip vibe, without being pretentious, the cocktail & beer selection is great, and the food, seriously good.

my favorite thus far, the pan roasted salmon. the girls go for the burger with onion rings. and flourless chocolate cake for dessert - while i hold out for the jelly donuts with a coffee in an anthora cup .

(k gives it a 20 out of 10!)

the patio is fun. the interior is a little dark and loud - especially the later you're there (they are open until 2 am) but we didn't mind. (not great for picture taking though.)

local peasant

local peasant

local peasant

it is great to see places like this popping up in the 818. we can only hope to get something within walking distance of us soon! (i feel a valley renaissance coming on.)

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