Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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k is up in the mountains with her classmates for 3 days. they've been preparing for this trip since last spring. any student whose family wants them to go can go. we fundraise to make sure of that. (it is the same trip e went on what feels like a million years ago.)

i realized late sunday that one of the students - new to the school and homeless - might not have the gear they would need. i called a friend to be on alert in case we needed a coat, mitts, etc. on monday morning i checked in with office, only to find that our plant manager (aka custodial staff) had purchased the gear this child might require. he quietly got it to him and slipped it into his luggage.

these are the little stories that happen every day in LAUSD schools (and public schools around the country). when i told e this anecdote. she said "that's what makes a school great".



rebecca said...

oh, my heart! people can be so good!

BunkleLife said...

Thank you for reminding me not to despair at the state of humanity xo